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Quantum Energy Healing Modalities for Your Well-Being


Promised Land Healing Sanctuary is a premier healing center that offers a range of quantum energy healing modalities, including QHHT and AO Scan Biofeedback Scanner Technologies, Grounding Sessions and Animal Therapy to help achieve optimal health and well-being. Our team of highly qualified practitioners is dedicated to providing personalized care and attention to help you address your unique health needs. We believe in a holistic approach to healing, which means treating the whole individual - mind, body, and spirit. Visit Promised Land Healing Sanctuary to take control of your energy, jumpstart your inner healing and find the answers to the questions that have been blocking you from choosing your correct paths in life.

Promised Land Healing QHHT
QHHT Level 2 Practitioner Owner

•QHHT Level 2 Practitioner

•AO Scan Practitioner

Tracey Diane is passionate about empowering others the holistic tools of QHHT and AO Scanner Technology using Quantum Healing and Bioenergetics through a God-centered approach and perspective.

QHHT Treatment Healing Room
Meet Amelia

Lives Changed

AO Scan Biofeedback Scanner-remote scan-Autistic Child

I recently had a remote Biofeedback scanner session with Tracey and absolutely was blown away with the results. I am the mother of a non-verbal autistic daughter. Tracey asked me to send her a 10 second voice clip so that she could start her scan, and I explained to her that she did not speak. So Tracey told me then that any sound that came out of her would work, whether it be breath, a giggle or a squeal, and so we gave it a try! I have to say, after we received  her scan results and her Balancing Harmonics, I thought I was going to have a hard time getting her to listen to them. But the contrary! As soon as I started paying them, she grabbed my phone and listened to the Balancing Harmonics (BH's) for 45 minutes! Additionally, she requested to listen to them several times a day! 2 days after she was getting her 'BH' treatments, I had to tell her "No" to something that she wanted to do. Now I have to tell you, usually when I tell her "No", it is WW3 break out in our house. But this time, I told her "No", and then I hit the 'play' button on my phone and had the BH's turned all the way down (so just the frequencies would get to her without the sound). She immediately went and sat down and started tapping her foot in rhythm even though we could hear nothing!  She was sad, but she did not act out like she has for the past 20 years f her life. I am SO GRATEFUL for being introduced to the AO Scanner and for Tracey taking the time to help to scan myself and my daughter and to explain how her little 'magic machine' works. This has changed our lives forever and I will be forever grateful!

J. Locksmith, CO

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