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-Lives Changed-

AO Scan Biofeedback Scanner-remote scan-Autistic Child

I recently had a remote Biofeedback scanner session with Tracey and absolutely was blown away with the results. I am the mother of a non-verbal autistic daughter. Tracey asked me to send her a 10 second voice clip so that she could start her scan, and I explained to her that she did not speak. So Tracey told me then that any sound that came out of her would work, whether it be breath, a giggle or a squeal, and so we gave it a try! I have to say, after we received  her scan results and her Balancing Harmonics, I thought I was going to have a hard time getting her to listen to them. But the contrary! As soon as I started paying them, she grabbed my phone and listened to the Balancing Harmonics (BH's) for 45 minutes! Additionally, she requested to listen to them several times a day! 2 days after she was getting her 'BH' treatments, I had to tell her "No" to something that she wanted to do. Now I have to tell you, usually when I tell her "No", it is WW3 break out in our house. But this time, I told her "No", and then I hit the 'play' button on my phone and had the BH's turned all the way down (so just the frequencies would get to her without the sound). She immediately went and sat down and started tapping her foot in rhythm even though we could hear nothing!  She was sad, but she did not act out like she has for the past 20 years f her life. I am SO GRATEFUL for being introduced to the AO Scanner and for Tracey taking the time to help to scan myself and my daughter and to explain how her little 'magic machine' works. This has changed our lives forever and I will be forever grateful!

J. Locksmith, CO


I recently had a QHHT session with Tracey and was just blown away by the results! I have had an ongoing headache since the age of 10, and my head was completely cleared and drained during this session. My SC told me that it was actually Encephalitis that was affecting my head, and that I was ready for it to heal and that it could be removed. I could feel the fluid draining from my head as it was working on it. When I 'awoke' from my session, my head felt like it was completely empty of the excess fluid and my headache was completely gone! I also had some back issues that I was asking about, and my SC told me that the ligaments just needed to be stretched, that I had been healed from my previous accident but that I was in pain from the tension of the tight ligaments. I could feel the SC moving my body while in the session, and upon standing afterwards, my lower back was completely loose and the pain was gone. I would highly recommend a session with Tracey. The time that she spends in the session and the care that she has for her clients is apparent. The healing that took place in that 6 hour session was well worth the money spent, considering my western medicine doctors could never come up with an answer for either other than taking medication to mask my pain. Thank you so much Tracey! I will recommend you to everyone I come across! 

Sandra H., OH

AO Scan Biofeedback Scanner-remote scan

"I had my first experience with AO Scan Biofeedback scanner and knew very little about it and was skeptical. I am a fairly healthy individual with some medical issues; my knee, legs, teeth and heart. Without divulging any specific information to Tracey to give away my ailments the scan still ended up telling me that my top areas were in my knee,  a molar that I had just began to have an issue with and my hips.   My heart was given an ok but showed signs of high blood pressure.  Spot on!  During the initial scan I felt something can’t explain exactly but my hip tingled or was reactive to the initial frequency of the scan.  

I would have to say that I was floored to have a scan pick up on a click in my knee that I have had when I walk for over 15 yrs without telling anyone that I had it and the fact that the tooth that was picked up on in the scan would be needing a root canal with in 4-5 weeks after taking the scan.   So I asked the dentist if the area that was being affected in my tooth was indeed the area diagnosed in the scan were one and the same.  Yup you guessed it, it was.  I wasn’t expecting the scan to change my life or to be as accurate as it was, but to have a simple, painless scan pickup and diagnose symptoms that truly only I knew about was amazing.  

After listening to the Balancing Harmonics three to four times a day and having it play as I slept, I could feel my body’s ability to begin restoring itself.  Three weeks into this my knee was no longer a throbbing pain after I walked for a period of time.  My tooth still ached and required a root canal but it diagnosed it before the dental X-rays were taken.  My hips began to feel better instantly and my circulation was better than it had been in yrs.  All because of the scans ability to harness the frequencies needed to allow our bodies to regain its harmonic balance of healing. Additionally, its R2D2 sounds  to this day bring a smile to my face because it truly has changed my quality of life.  Thank you so much Tracey for sharing this amazing specialized tool of technology with me and also with my family.  "

-Scott R., VA 

QHHT-surrogate session

I recently had a QHHT session with Tracey Diane. Our session was a bit different from usual sessions because I am diagnosed with DID which is Dissociative Identity  Disorder. Because of this condition I was unable to personally be hypnotized . Instead,  a Surrogate was used. The surrogate used her subconscious to interact with my subconscious to answer questions and help with some healing. It was very interesting to go through this process. I did have the initial interview with Tracey which went very well. I was able to give her a set of questions I wanted my subconscious to hear and respond to. Tracey is very thorough with her interview process. She makes sure she understands exactly what you want to ask and have worked on mentally and physically. She has a very warm and friendly personality and is very compassionate. Tracey is a delight to work with. When I explained that I was diagnosed with DID she made sure she investigated how to approach my unique situation in order to complete a successful QHHT session. The recording I received from the Surrogate communicating with my Subconscious was very interesting and I was able to get some healing from an issue I have had for years.   The whole QHHT experience was fun and very cool. I would recommend Tracy Gabriel as a QHHT practitioner. 

Barbara F., IL


I recently had a QHHT session with Tracey and was amazed with the results. I had several questions for Tracey. I had not had too many health issues, because I am only in my mid 20's, however, I have had quite a few traumatic life experiences that led to my PTSD, including childhood abuse. One question that I had was why I was no longer able to astral project as I had been able to as a child. My entire life (that I can remember), I have always felt like an observer. What we found when Tracey guided the conversation with my SC is that to endure the  abuse that I had as a child, my Sub Conscious mind allowed me to astral project so that I did not have to experience the physical and spiritual pain. Unfortunately, upon one of these times, my soul had not completely re-entered my body. During my session, it once again re-entered my body, and for the first time I can remember, upon 'waking up', I was no longer an observer but actually felt like I was one with my body once again. This is the most amazing experience that I have had, and I am so excited to feel like I have a 'second chance at life' almost like I was reborn in my session. I am so grateful that Tracey was willing to help me with this, and I am so excited to once again feel like I can integrate back into society and help others with their lives, just like Tracey helped mine.

R. Wander, IL

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