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I am Tracey, it’s a pleasure to meet you!


I am passionate about empowering others with holistic tools using Quantum Healing and Bioenergetics through a God-centered approach and perspective.

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My Story

My foundational background was as a Christian within the confines of man-made religion, and as grateful as I am with this traditional upbringing, I was not aware of the vastness of the spiritual realm that we are gifted to experience in this lifetime. Within the past decade, upon opening my heart and mind and becoming willing to unleash the boundaries that had been placed upon our Creator and the universe, I was introduced to the world of Quantum Healing and acquired my practitioner’s certificates in a few different healing modalities, namely, as an AO Scan Practitioner using the Solex Biofeedback scanner, and as a Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.


As a single mother of 3 amazing grown children, I was also a USDF Silver medalist Dressage Horse trainer and instructor, a German Shepherd Dog breeder and a rancher. Along with these honors, I suffered many trials and tribulations in my life that, once revealed, led me to find my purpose and since then, my life has rapidly unfolded as a Healer in the Holistic Wellness Field.


One of the major tribulations was the suffering of debilitating foot issues, which, as a rancher, forced me to literally be ‘sat down’ by the Universe and while working with a renown Holistic Healer, I finally was able to see the path for which I was chosen, and my true passion for life, which was to utilize my gifts as a Healer and to help others find themselves and be healed, physically, emotionally and spiritually on their journeys as well. I feel that the experiences that life has ‘thrown’ my way have prepared me to help others who may be suffering from the same kinds of trauma. These include a horrendous divorce, familial persecution and physical traumas. I do believe that many of the physical issues that we suffer are because of our lack of awareness of how such trauma affects us on emotional, spiritual and physical levels if we do not understand how to deal with the “how, why and how to be rid of” the emotional and spiritual effects of such trauma. I have found that both QHHT and the AO Scanner can help us find the answers that we are looking for to help resolve these issues in our bodies, allowing our bodies to open up to the healing properties that they were designed to use.


Promised Land was originally built with the dream of it being a place of Healing for people and animals, but it wasn’t until 2020, that I was finally able to make this dream a reality, and once again declared my beautiful ranch for a place of healing for others who are also finding their way in this lifetime. Since then, Promised Land Healing Sanctuary has been manifesting at an extreme rate of speed.


Realizing my gifts as a healer has changed my life forever. Through this journey, I have been able to discover these amazing gifts from God that I had no idea even existed. Over the past few years, I have been working to develop and expand these gifts through helping myself, my family, friends and many clients, including furry clients. I will continue to learn and grow and am constantly striving to learn more so that I can continue to serve others and bring Healing to a world that is so unaware of the healing properties that each of our bodies encompass.​


Promised Land Healing Sanctuary will continue to be a place of healing for all people and animals and will also provide animal-assisted healing through frequency raising sessions and also provide animal healing through QHHT using surrogates for our fur babies along with the use of the AO Scan Biofeedback technology and Emotion Code and Body Code that I am currently studying for as well.


Plan your QHHT session, your AO Scan Biofeedback session or both, and end your day with some grounding on our manicured paths to and through the woods where you just might hear ‘your’ life’s purpose whispered to you from the Jordan Creek, just as it happened to me ;-) 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.


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