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The Story of Promised Land
"What man means for bad, God turns to good"

Promised Land Healing at the Jordan

Promised Land found its name originally as a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope for horses who had lost their will to partner with humans, many of whom went on to have successful careers in the world of Dressage Show horses.


It found its name long before the revelation that the property actually does have the Jordan Creek running right through it, and for the majority of visitors coming from the west, they must cross the Jordan, just before arriving at the Promised Land. 


Additionally, the ranch was originally founded as a place of refuge for healing for young people to come and find themselves, to be with those (the animals of Promised Land) who were capable of giving them unconditional love, and learning to give that love back in return with the help of the animals. 

But that dream never did materialize. Instead, it wasn't until after a long...'trip through the desert' shall we say, that in 2020, she was once again declared as a place of healing for others who are also finding their way in this lifetime, and Promised Land was finally able to begin to make this dream of hope and healing a reality. 


Since then, Promised Land Healing Sanctuary has been manifesting at an extreme rate of speed.


Promised Land Healing Sanctuary will continue to be a place of healing for all people and animals. We plan to provide both animal-assisted healing through frequency raising sessions and also provide animal healing through both the use of  Quantum Healing  Hypnotherapy Technique using surrogates for our fur babies and with the use of the AO Scan Biofeedback Technology and eventually Emotion Code and Body Code that we are currently in training for as well.


Plan your QHHT session, your AO Scan Biofeedback session or both, and end your day with some grounding on our manicured paths to and through the woods where you just might hear ‘your’ life’s purpose whispered to you from the Jordan Creek, just as it happened to us ;-) 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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